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Dynafit Beast Mounting and Boot Modification

Posted on November 12 2013

Dynafit Beast, Vulcan and DPS Wailer

So last week I set off to do my first Dynafit Beast mount for JD. When I put up our Hard Charging Package (Dynafit Beast on DPS Wailer's with Dynafit Vulcan's aka "The Baller") I never thought I would see one leaving the shop so soon. There is something about mounting a $1250 ski with $1000 bindings for $1000 boots that really gets the blood pumping. That coupled with Dynafit's warning that it should be done by a trained professional (backcountry ski bum) left me feeling a little nervous. However, with the hard to find Dynafit Beast jig the mounting was simple and went really smooth.

Next was the boot mod that also went with surprising ease. It is just a matter of flipping off the old metal tech fit and screwing on the beefier Beast adapter. Drill two guide holes in the side of the boot, fire in the support screws and boom! Our first pair of Beast's are mounted and out the door.

Check out our first impression on the Beast binding. For a more detailed description Lou Dawson covers it fully on Wild Snow.

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