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Dynafit Beast Review

Posted on October 21 2013

The Dynaift Beast is here and threatening to tear into the backcountry world.

Pete Swenson demoing the Dynafit Beast

Today was an excited day at the shop as Pete Swenson, Dynafit rep, COSMIC founder, and all around sweet dude came in to talk shop and demo the biggest baddest alpine touring binding. Within minutes of Pete donning his roller skis and hitting the Rio Grande bike path out the back of our shop, our first shipment of Dynafit Beast entered the store.

When we saw this binding for the first time last season we were not initially stoked. If you like wearing lycra these bindings are sure to cramp your style. Coming in at a whopping 935 grams, this binding moves away from the lightweight minimalist image that Dynafit has fosters for the past two decades. However, seeing the binding on a pair of skis and having a fellow skinny ski junky like Pete genuinely excited, it is easy to see that some skiers are going to be really attracted by it.

Those skiers are big dudes that rip big lines. 16 din is off the charts from where tech fit bindings are coming from, but their are a lot of other reasons why these bindings are moving in the right direction. The Beast offers a the same range of releasability offered by alpine bindings with a horizontal and vertical release. For other Dynafit bindings you are either in or out, but with the Beast if you land hard off a big hit the binding will rotate, keep the boot in, and give you a chance to real it back in. There are a lot of ins and outs and loose strands floating around in the duders head over this binding. Wildsnow has done several posts including video tutorials, so if you want to see this binding in action check them out. Or you will have to wait for the snow to pile up deep enough for us to get out and huck ourselves off something stupid.

Dynafit Beast Heal Dynafit Beast ToeDynafit Beast Power Heal Adapter

Dynafit is insistent that the installation of these bindings be done by a "professional". It involves a never be seen hole pattern and a Jig that is going to be found in very few ski shops across the country, especially early season. Your standard tech compatible AT boot will also have to be upgraded with the power heal and two small screws will have to be fired into your boot to hold it in place. Please contact us on installing the boot or modifying your binding.

Although some players are going to insist this is a devolution of AT bindingness back to the clunky heavier days when Fritschi's ruled supreme, the added features are going to draw in new skiers to the tech alpine world while driving innovation to see new developments in the lighter weight bindings.

There is a very limited run of Beast bindings and we expect them to be sold out in weeks. Here is a down payment option if you would like to reserve a pair. Here is also a complete user guide so you can stay informed.

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