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Review of the Kastle TX Line

Posted on September 17 2014

The Kastle TX Line has special significance to me. I started out ski touring on a pair of Solomon Czars and quickly realized that this was not the way. Then I went to an all Dynafit setup with the Manaslus under foot and never looked back. Well almost never looked back, until I got on my first pair of Kastle TX97.

Since then I have loved every ski in the Kastle TX line and have had the chance to ski them all. I am undoubtedly a weight weenie and can usually be found on my Skimo race gear even deep in the powder backcountry. The TX skis are all slightly heavier than my typical choice of ski, but with that added weight comes noticeable power and stability.

The names are unimaginative, but at least you know what you are getting. The number after the TX refers to the millimeters in the waist and the construction is very similar. 

The line consist of: 









-TX Skins


The TX Skins also boast some of the nicest Pomoca skin/bag combination I have seen. They have really dialed in their tip attachment over the years and the lazar cut precision further displays Kastle's dedication to detail.  

This year features the new TX82If you thought every 10mm seemed a little crazy, there is no doubt that 5 mm is over the top. But hey, I am lucky to work at a shop where I can grab any one of these skis, but if you can only grab one the TX82 will split the difference between the perfect spring ski mountaineering ski and an all around backcountry weapon. 




TX87 climbing North Maroon

TX97 Mt Kosciuszko Australia

tx touring line kastle

TX77's hovering over a crevasse


 TX77 on the summit of Mt Rainier 







Doug Stenclik Owner of Cripple Creek BC


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