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Posted on October 25 2013

Backcountry Skinning!100+ days is the goal of any diehard skier, but after moving almost exclusively to the backcountry the 100 day prize became increasingly elusive. (Why did't I open a bike shop so my winter days could be free?) The problem for me has always been that I just simply lose count. Two weeks into the season I think "12 days already! only 82 to go!" then somewhere around day 15 I lose track forever. This could be remedied by marking off the days the old fashion way on a calendar, but we live in the age of computers so I thought there had to be a more trendy social sharing possibility.

Fancy resorts like Aspen Snowmass have their mobile apps that log your vertical feet, top speed and days at the slope. Wouldn't it be great to have a backcountry skiing app? Lacking the ambition and knowhow to develop this app I discovered a different approach. While fooling around to build an events calendar for the website I figured out a really easy way to link your Facebook Events to gmail Calendars. Therefore by simply, joining an event called "Backcountry Ski Day!" your gmail calendar will automatically record your days!

Facebook Freedom is a really quick way of synching your Facebook events with Gmail. More importantly it only synchs events you actually clicked to join.

At Cripple Creek Backcountry we made a Backcountry Ski Day Counter Facebook page so you can keep track of your days skiing and to see who else is getting out. Here is our sample calendar so you can see what one awesome week would look like.

Setting up your Backcountry Ski Day Counter 

Step 1: Like Backcountry Day Counter 

Step 2: Click this link to synch with Facebook Freedom App 

Step 3: Join "Backcountry Ski Day" events on the page for any day you are in the backcountry 


You can join the Backcountry Ski Day event when you get home from your day out. Or, while you are at work Friday join Saturday, Sunday and even monday because if it keeps snowing it could be a calling in "siiiiiick day".

Share the group and Backcountry Ski Day events with your friends to keep the collective stoke going!

recommend never RSVPing anything on FB that is not backcountry skiing related to keep your calendar clutter free! If you get out more than 50 days email us a link to your calendar and we will send you a sweet prize.

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