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Jones Splitboard 2018 Line

Posted on November 16 2017

Jones Splitboard line
Jones 2018 Splitboard Line
Jones Snowboards releases their 2018 lineup as the premier snowboard company in the world. There is no doubt they will continue to be the driving force in the solid & splitboard industry. The diversity of the Jones line provides any rider, male or female, young shredders to an old-timer, to get on one of their splits and ride it just like any solid. Jones takes the time to manufacture splitboards that rise above any competition with their proven systematic approach to creating unparalleled snowboards.

This post will focus on the Jones Snowboards 2018 Splitboard line.

All Jones Splits:

Before we dive into the features that makes each split unique, we will focus on what they all have in common.

Magne Traction

Over a decade ago LibTech pioneered the Magne Traction technology that gave snowboards a wavy-edge instead of the traditional straight snowboard edge. The wavy edge, or teeth, of the board was designed for better edge hold on varying snow packs. As you ride a steep icy slope the teeth of the board bite into the snowpack just as I would a sandwich.

Jones uses this Magne Traction technology on both split edges of the board for the ascent. The struggle is real the first few times skinning uphill on split skis, the wavy edge hold increases efficiency to get you there. Not to mention when it comes time to making kick turns in late May on a steep, icy approach you can have confidence you won’t go sliding off the face. Transitioning Jones splits is no added stress because each wavy edge lines up perfectly; giving you confidence the splitboard is connected correctly.

Quick tension tail clips

Trust me on this one, cutting the perfect skin for your oddly shaped splitboard can be unfeasible. Lucky for us, Jones splitboards have a built-in skin tension tail clips. Similar to some uphill race skis, the tail slot increases efficiency and ease in the backcountry, also it provides confidence the skin is attached correctly. Jones has partnered with POMOCA to create pre-cut skins for their entire fleet, spend the extra few bucks and get the skins that were designed for your new board.
Karakoram Hardware
In the early days of Karakoram Bindings founders/ brothers, Tyler & Bryce, worked vigorously with Jeremy Jones to create the best splitboard bindings on the market. Three years later, 2011, they announced their partnership with Jones Snowboards to help evolve the splitboard industry. Today all Jones splitboards use Karakoram’s proven boltless bridge technology to connect the split skis into a solid. The tip, tail & mid clips are designed by Karakoram to provide increased confidence in the boards stability and downhill performance.
Recycled Edges, Sidewalls and Eco-friendly Topsheets

Jeremy Jones, founder of Jones Snowboards and POW (Protect Our Winters), is a major driving force in climate control and reducing his environmental impact. This can be seen down to the production line of every Jones board. ABS plastic is used across all major snowboard production lines, Jones Snowboards uses recycled ABS plastic to improve sustainability. They don’t stop there, using oversized recycled steel edges improves durability and eco-friendly bio-plastic topsheets minimizes impact.

Sintered 9900 and Infused Wend Natural Wax

If you are stoked to get on your brand new Jones splitboard there is no need to wait after you purchase it. All Jones boards come with a factory wend natural wax, they come ready to shred. As you venture out the sintered base is durable and easy to repair as scratches and indents are inevitable.

Now for the fun part, which Jones splitboard demographic is perfect for you?
Jones Womens Solution
Lengths: 148cm, 152cm, 156cm

Do you have the problem of finding yourself surrounded by shredding bros in long lift lines? Suggested for an intermediate to advanced rider, don’t be afraid to answer with the Womens Solution. The same design as the Jones Solution with a 7 out of 10 flex, a blunt rocker tip & tail and camber between the bindings this split will revolutionize what you thought was possible on a snowboard.

Jones Aviator Split
Lengths: 156cm, 160cm, 164cm

This traditional board was designed as your directional twin tip, camber board. A great board for beginners, the Aviator has a 7 out of 10 flex rating and ready to charge in all conditions. A sunset skin up the resort to overnight hut trips the Aviator will get you there. The only downside to this board is float, it will handle the deep stuff until it turns into stupid deep powder creating the never sought after submarine feel.
Jones Explorer Split
Lengths: 155cm, 158cm, 159cm, 161W, 162cm, 164W

Great for beginner to intermediate riders. The explorer is rightfully named, raising the question is there anywhere you cannot go if there’s snow? Designed off of the new school of resort boards this split can do it all. With a 6 out of 10 flex this board moves with you on each turn. A rocker tip & tail and camber between the bindings this split can truly ride any snowpack. The rocker/camber combo holds an aggressive edge in variable conditions, and will even charge on the ‘stupid deep’ days.
Jones Dream Catcher
Lengths: 155cm, 158W, 159cm, 161W, 162cm, 164W

Designed from the Explorer split, Jones releases a women specific board with this year's Dream Catcher splitboard. There should be no reason to hesitate when you charge harder than the dudes, now you don’t have to; the Dream Catcher is your tool to get out and explore the backcountry. With a 6 out of 10 flex, a rocker tip & tail and camber between the bindings, the Dream Catcher will perform in all conditions. It will provide float on the deep days and hold an aggressive edge into the late spring.

Jones Carbon Solution Split
Lengths: 158cm, 161cm, 162W, 164cm, 165W

Do you want to go fast? Designed to be the lightest splitboard on the market the Jones Carbon Solution can get you anywhere and leave you questioning “Should I get another lap in?”. Suggested for the advanced to expert rider this board delivers torsional rigidity and stiffness for riders that require maximum control at high speeds, but be careful if you don’t take control of this board it will take you for a ride you may not want to be on. This is Jones stiffest board with a 10 out of 10 flex rating. The same blunt rocker tip & tail and camber between the bindings as the Solution, the Carbon Solution is 25% lighter!

Jones Solution Split
Lengths: 158cm, 161cm, 163W, 164cm, 168W

There is a solution for everything and the Jones Solution split proves that concept. Suggested for an intermediate to advanced rider that is spending majority of their days away from the lift lines. The Solution is arguably the best splitboard on the market for a few years running because of its versatility. With a 8 out of 10 flex, a blunt rocker tip & tail and camber between the bindings, this board genuinely does it all. The blunt nose provides the contact point to bust through any type of snow condition. Waist deep pow to a frozen 50 degree slope, this board will provide confidence to hold an edge and control you didn’t think was possible at such a high speed.

Jones Hovercraft
Lengths: 152cm, 156cm, 160cm

The Jones Hovercraft is designed with powder seekers in mind, suggested for advanced riders that know what they want- the deep stuff. The Hovercraft has a distinct wide blunt nose, rocker tip and slight rocker in the stiff tail, and slight camber between the bindings. The stance of the bindings is pushed back giving the rider float comparable to a longer board while still being a maneuverable board in dense trees. The stiff tail provides confidence on variable conditions, increasing turn initiation.

Jones Ultracraft
Lengths: 152 cm, 156 cm, 160 cm

The Jones Ultracraft goes a little bit further than the Hovercraft, being more lightweight, stiffer and leaving all your friends envious. Suggested for the advanced to expert rider if you don’t take control of this board it will take you for a hell ride. With the same design as the Hovercraft, wide blunt nose, rocker tip and stiff tail, and slight camber between the bindings this board is for the serious powder hound. The price tag may be scary but one tour on the Ultracraft will leave you questioning if you will ever ride a different board. The combination of the stiff & lightweight carbon construction, set-back stance & shorter board provides for groovy floaty turns on the deepest days.
Jones StormChaser Split
Lengths: 147cm

The Jones StormChaser is the newest snowboard design to the Jones splitboard fleet. Jeremy Jones only needed one day riding the Storm Chaser solid before he decided to make a Storm Chaser Split. Suggested for the expert rider that knows what they are looking for, powder days in peak season to steep lines in late spring, this board is revolutionary. The Stormchaser split was designed by San Diego legend surf shaper Chris Christenson. Christenson designed this short 147cm split with a massive blunt nose, full surf rocker and completely set back stance to make the tightest turns. When you weight the back of the board the nose abruptly powers through on the deepest day. Remember to bring your snorkel when you’re out surfing the frozen waves on this split, you’ll need it.


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