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New Touring Ski's for 2019

Posted on August 30 2018

2019 Skis: 'Light is Right'

Not to say there aren't a few sticks out there over the 110mm waist, but by and large manufacturers this year did not gear towards the wide and powder pursuing ski. Instead, the industry branched out in the mountaineering and adventure aspect of ski touring. Since bindings are only getting lighter and safer, it makes sense that the skis should be able to do the same. Paulownia wood is used in almost every ski core to keep them nice and light, while a carbon fiber laminate provides that extra rigidity and power we want. This years line-up is looking like a high alpine dream team. Whether it's the new Hyper line from Voile or the 80mm waisted Scotts or Black Diamonds. There is no shortage this year if you're looking for a fun, powerful, and most importantly lightweight ski. The best part, these ski’s excel in soft powder conditions as well, giving you that floating and dancing feeling when flying through powder in an open meadow.

"Double" Black Diamond

Black diamond introduces their Helio 76 to give you a perfect ski to bag your next peak this season. Coming in at 1150 grams this ski will take you for a long extended skin whether it is for exercise or a 10 mile approach. Black Diamond uses a balanced flex and torsional control pattern that will cut crud and chop and turn it into dust. Paired perfectly with the Helio 110 binding the Combo reaches 1260 grams in weight making it one of the lightest ski mountaineering set-ups on the market.

Scott Joins the Cripple Creek Quiver

The Speedguide 80 is Scotts lightest ski in their line, the perfect weapon against long approaches and variable conditions. The Speedguide boasts a cork inlay and carbon /cork elliptic sidewall construction. When you are looking for the lightest setup with the most power. It is hard to compare a ski that reaches similar grounds as the Speedguide. The 80mm waist is perfect for getting you through any condition it encounters. Whether you are floating through a few inches of freshies or cutting that hard pack down low, no snow is a problem for the Speedguide.

Voile Launches into Hyperspace

We have come to fall in love with Voile over the years. Simply because they put out a line of skis that no matter where we are or what we are skiing, Voiles perform at the top of the game, and best of all, don’t break the bank. From big powder days on the V8 to bagging mountaineering goals on the Vector BC, voile has shown that just because you don’t use all these fancy space age materials doesn’t mean your ski will underperform in the mountains. This year however, Voile did something amazing and upgraded the full line of ski’s we all love and made them all 15% lighter. By introducing Carbon into the equation, something we normally don’t see voile doing, the new Hyper series is sure to impress any long time fan of Voile and probably grab a few new skiers to join the bandwagon. The Hyper series still uses the same cap constructions and rocker tip and tail profile that we all love, but created a slightly stiffer and lighter machine that pushes you harder and faster in the deep woods. Check out a pair and see why these planks will take your backcountry to the next level.

Ready, Set, Rondo

Dynafit has overhauled their DNA race ski and made it better than ever. Completely taking it apart from the ground up and creating an entirely new construction. Rondo ski’s havn’t always had the best performance when it comes to the actual ski capability. With the new Full sidewall and cap construction matched with the performance of a 3-D tip and single radius design, the new DNA is a thing of beauty. Still retaining its current wait of 690 grams the DNA is perfect for finishing on the podium. When you are outfitting yourself for race day, Pairing these puppies with the Low Tech 2.0 race bindings will send you sprinting up the hill with a feeling that you’re only carrying air beneath your feet.

DPS and their Ever Expanding Quiver

This year's special edition Wailer 110 C2 is a thing of beauty. Allowing you to fill all the quiver gaps in your closet. With a design to help fight crud and float through powder all at the same time. The new C2 also helps battle the hard pack and higher speeds. With more edge contact and a slightly less rocker as the Wailer 112, the 110 will help when digging in deep to those hip check turns at mach speed. Even when that fresh powder stiffens up on you, the wider spoon shape in the tip, similar to the new cassiar line, allows you to remain steady and strong in that powder and crud mixture.


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