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Paul Hamilton Mountain Love: Episode 57

Posted on March 26 2019

The Slender Skinner, Backcountry Training and Avalanche Lessons


If anyone has been into the Carbondale store or a Colorado Ski Mountaineering Race podium they have seen Tall Pall. But the one place you will almost never catch him is riding a lift. This guy loves going uphill as much as anyone and its all for the love of the mountains. He is one of my main ski partners, but has faded from the ranks of spraying and social media, so we are here to do it for him. While everyone else sits around and complains about how their favorite low hanging fruit is getting picked, Paul is going one ridge further out and breaking trail where no one has been before.  

slide in marble

 Paul on the small crown of the Avalanche describe int he episode. Just over the roll it stepped don and went a long way.

recording totally deep

Taking a break from the fluorescence to record in the Carbondale Shop.


Power of 4 podium

Paul and Sean take 3rd at the Power of 4

Doug Stenclik Owner of Cripple Creek BC


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