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Demo BD Helio 105 165 w/ speed turn, G3 Alpinist



Black Diamond has introduced the ultra-light Helio 105 ski. This lightweight ski was designed for protracted, all-day tours and those classic, big mountain lines because they were able to shave off the ounces without sacrificing the great performance features of the ski. 

The Speed Turn will continue to be a go to tech binding with it’s stripped down, only 370 grams, no frills attached design. This year the Speed Turn 2.0 gets an updated toe piece from the Speed Radical using the optimized 4 hole pattern as opposed to the older style 5 hole pattern. 

The G3 Alpinist+ are the perfect grip skin that no match for even the iciest conditions on the skin track. G3 introduced the addition of a shovel tip in the front of the skin to allow for snow to glide passed the tip of the ski and not get punched up like most other skins. G3 saw that we only need proper grip from the middle of ski's on the track so why bother with all this extra material we don't use. 

The set-up is now about 2 years old from when we added it to our fleet of demos. For how much use it has had there is no significant base damage. (no core shots or blown edges.) The skins have definitely been used quite a bit and may need replacing sooner than later. The toes have been quivered to except a wide range of boot sole lengths. What size boots were you hoping to fit to this ski? I can test out a size in the shop to make sure it would fit. you should be clear to put a boot sole length from 270-310mm maybe a little more.
Black Diamond Helio105: $879.95 

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