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22 Designs Outlaw X NTN Telemark Binding



The evolution of the NTN binding continues with the new and improved Outlaw X from 22 Designs. The tweaks are subtle, but lovers of the newest development in telemark skiing will enjoy lighter weight, an easier step-in mechanism and better durability. It will still have all the features you love with the sweetest flex, large spring travel and the bomber construction that 22 Designs has been known for. Most of all, get that extra drive and performance you have been wanting out of each tele turn. 

The biggest advantage of an NTN setup is you can customize it to your turn style. Try a stiffer or softer spring or change the preload adjustment to fine tune it just the way you like it. Unlike most telemark bindings, there is an adjustable lateral release and brakes (sold separately) so the helicopter blades don't go whipping when you do. With a true step-in pole release, these are the easiest tele bindings yet. And with a stainless steel, made-in-the-USA construction, this could be the last tele binding you ever buy!
    • Easier to step in and out
    • Improved durability for the hardest chargers
    • Instant flex engagement
    • Optional brakes: 95, 110, 125mm widths
    • Optional stiffy spring kit available 
    • Ski crampon compatible 
    • 50 degrees of resistance-free touring
    • Industrial strength main die spring
    • Preload adjustable from 1 to 5
    • Spring-loaded climbing bail
    • NTN compatible in two sizes
    • Toepiece height: 1.1” at rear with 3 degree ramp
    • Weight including climbers:
    • Large: 3 lbs, 9 oz / 1620g  Small: 3 lbs, 6 oz / 1545g

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