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After attending Colorado College Amy moved to Portland Oregon to cut her touring teeth on Cascade Volcanoes. She is back in the Rockies to ramp it up with a Salt Lake City twist. When not in the mountains climbing and ski touring she is in some Asian country while working for Skull Candy.

Favorite Sports: Ski-touring, mountaineering, trail running and climbing.

My First Tour: I went on a hut trip in college armed with rental touring skis. The skins were glue-less skins from the 90’s (?) that attached to the ski via clips and Voile-like straps. Three of the five straps were broken, so snow balled between my ski and skin making every step insecure. I assumed that everyone else was working as hard as I was, so I put myself in the middle of the pack and put my head down. I was so tired at the top of each climb that I could barely make parallel turns, but I was hooked.

My Most Epic Day on Skis: I traversed the Three Sisters in Oregon. Two friends and I decided to avoid three individual heinous approaches and climb the Three Sisters in one fell swoop. While we didn’t summit North Sister (we encountered unstable snow at the Bowling Alley, we summited and skied Middle and South Sister, covering 18 miles and 10k vertical feet. Then, because we didn’t have a snowmobile we hiked another 7 miles up Cascade Lakes Hwy back to our car for an 18 hour marathon. I’ve since summited North Sister and would be psyched to go back armed with better beta (and a snowmobile).

Future Objectives: More hut trips and more dawn-patrol days. I’m psyched to check out the Wasatch Citizen’s ski-mo series. I’d love to get back to the PNW and ski Rainier.

My Perfect Setup:  Last season a bro told me “I was pretty fast for how heavy my skis were.” In an effort to avoid yo-yo passes on the skin track, I hoping to upgrade metal top-sheet pow skis to something more carbon-y skis (La Sportiva Nano, DPS Yvette, Carbon Convert?). I’ll pair them with my trusty customized 3-buckle Scarpa Geas RS (front buckle removed, because size 24.0 boots don't need four buckles)

I can survive on GUs for 1.5 hours, anything longer requires bacon, sandwich or musubi.


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