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BCA B1 Ext Bomber Shovel



There is a reason that a product separates itself from the pack and becomes a best seller. For BCA, this is the B1 Ext Bomber shovel and because of its durability, light weight, and functionality these shovels fly off our shelves. This product has been time tested and users continuously approve the designs that make this such a formidable snow remover- designs like the ergonomic grip, rounded shaft, and ferrule-less shovel blade as well as the shovel's overall pack-ability. When it comes to an emergency avalanche situation, ease of us becomes paramount and based solely on the numbers, people say this is the shovel that will get your partner out alive. 


Weight: 600 g

Blade Dimensions: 24.9 cm x 25.4 cm

Collapsed Length: 41 cm

Extended Length: 57 cm

Materials: 6061 Aluminium


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