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Black Diamond 9.4mm Rope (Dry treated)

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The 9.4 dry from Black Diamond is your ideal rope for tooling around any Crag, Ice or Rock. with it's dry treatment and 2X2 sheath, it will withstand any moisture and test of strength you chose to put it through. Made for the all around climber, the 9.4 delivers a smooth and effortless flow through any belay device and doesn't bunch up when you are in those hot and heavy redpoint burns. Whether you are burning through laps on ice or shooting for the send on your project the 9.4 will keep your mind at piece and your clips light and fast. No need to buy a smaller or bigger diameter rope. the 9.4 dry is universally sound and a one man show.  

  • Rope Type :  Single
  • UIAA Factor Falls :  7
  • Weight Per Meter :  58 g (2.05 oz)
  • Static Elongation :  8.4%
  • Dynamic Elongation :  34%
  • Impact Force :  8 kN

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