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Black Diamond Vipec Safety Tech Crampon Traxion



You have one face left to climb until you are at the top. That beautiful sheen you admired from the base is in your face and you realize with a certain amount of frustration that it isn't flawless snow, but an icy veneer. You make one tentative step forward only to have your skin slide right out from under you. For the rest of the climb, you slowly tip toe up the face hoping that you won't slide back down.  We have all been there once, and hopefully only once. If you have the Black Diamond Vipec 12 binding then you need a pair of the Diamir Vipec Tech Traxion crampons. They easily slide onto the binding beneath your foot. And with these crampons, you don't have to worry which riser height you are in because you can modify the crampon penetration depth using a rotating adapter on the crampon. These are aluminum crampons, sturdy but light, ensuring you don't slip and slide while skinning on those spring missions.

Sizes: Medium (up to 95mm), Wide (up 120mm)


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