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Camp Pro Nuts Set (#1-7)



A full Set of Passive Protection Nuts designed for trad and aid climbing. CAMP has allowed for a greater range of placement as compared to other branded Nuts. CAMPS Nut pack ranges from #1-#7 and can be placed between a range of #1-#9. TYhis makes the CAMP Pro Nut set the best deal on the market when it comes to Nuts and passive protection. 


Size Weight Range (Min-Max) Strength
#1 12g (0.4oz) 7mm-13mm 4kN
#2 20g (0.7oz) 10mm-16mm 8kN
#3 30g (1.1oz) 13mm-20mm 10kN
#4 37g (1.3oz) 15mm-23mm 10kN
#5 41g (1.4oz) 18mm-27mm 10kN
#6 47g (1.7oz) 20mm-29mm 10kN
#7 55g (1.9oz) 23mm-33mm 10kN


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