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Demo Voile Ultra Vector w/ Radical ST 2.0, G3 Alpinist

$999.00 $1,450.00


A mid 90's waist ski that you will feel right at home with. whether skiing in the deeper conditions or breaking through that nasty crust on warmer day's, the soft flex pattern and short turn radius make the Ultra Vector a perfect ski for all conditions. By utilizing the damping properties of an Aspen wood core the Ultra Vector gives you the perfect balance of lightweight and ski performance.  

The Dynafit Radical ST is a perfect well balance tried and true binding that both durable and safe. The Radical ST has a rotating toe piece that allows for a safer release while still giving the binding a durable and burly build that can be trusted in the harshest conditions. Balanced weight and ease of use will give any skier the confidence to go from in bounds to out of bounds.

The G3 Alpinist+ are the perfect grip skin that no match for even the iciest conditions on the skin track. G3 introduced the addition of a shovel tip in the front of the skin to allow for snow to glide passed the tip of the ski and not get punched up like most other skins. G3 saw that we only need proper grip from the middle of ski's on the track so why bother with all this extra material we don't use. 

These Demo's have seen a little bit of play. The top sheet has a couple noticeable scuffs while the bases are in near perfect condition. There are demo bindings attached to give you plenty of adjustment for any boot size. The skins have only been used once are are fresh.  

Retail Price:

Voile Ultravector: $695

Dynafit Radical ST 2.0: $550

G3 Alpinist+: $179

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