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Demo 179cm Black Crows Navis Freebird w/ Rotation, climb 2.0

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The Black Crows family of ski's are one of the highest performing brands on the market. The Company set out with the Navis and all the freebird skis to make a lightweight ski that does not lack on performance. no fancy carbon or softer material but still a lightweight palownia wood core that keeps it shape and flex for an exceptionally long time. 

Pair that with a Dynafit Rotation, this set-up is perfect for your dream powder set-up. The Rotation was designed to provide a mid weight Tech binding that is still safe and reliable as any of Dynafits bindings. as an added bonus the Demo track will allow you to fill any and all boot sizes and won't need to be remounted till you are ready to upgrade.

The Pomoca Climb 2.0 is a perfect well balanced skin with a 70/30 mohair/nylon mix. The longer hairs of the Climb 2.0 allow for a more durable skin with longer lasting grip in icier conditions. Pomoca uses one of the highest quality glues for your skin. The high quality glue won't stick to the base of your skin in warmer conditions and won't give you that glopping we all hate when trying to enjoy a fresh run ahead of us. 

This Set of demo's Has been used a handful of times this season. There is no significant damage to the top sheet and the Base has been cured with Phantom Wax Treatment. No damage to base work. Skins are still in excellent condition with no glue damage of rips.        


Retail Price:

Black Crows Navis Freebird: $799

Dyanfit Rotation ST: $650

Pomoca Climb 2.0: $199

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