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Dynafit Low Tech Race 2.0



The Dynafit Low Tech Race 2.0 is for racers that know every gram makes a difference on race days. Racers that can feel the difference between their training set-up and race day set-up. For the athlete that knows the difference, Dynafit has revamped the Low Tech Race so that you can feel fast and strong from start line to finish. Remodeled and rebuilt for this season, the Race 2.0 uses a new mix of materials to achieve the incredible low weight of only 110 grams! Using technology borrowed from Pierre Gignoux the Low Tech Race 2.0 has a redesigned lighter weight heel and the tried and true Low Tech toe. The 2.0 uses torx screws for maximum stability, repellent grooves on the toe pins for easy step-in and an optimized hole pattern using only 4 screws for the toe and 3 for the heel.

The Low Tech Race 2.0 is available in either Automatic locking or Manual locking toe components. The difference them is simple. The auto locking toe allows you to simply step in and be ready to climb right away. the Manual toe requires that you pull the latch on the front of the toe piece into a locked position for skinning. When it comes to Racing the ISMF is the only race agency that does not allow automatic step in toe pieces. 


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