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Dynafit Speed Crampon 78mm

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The Dynafit speed crampon is aptly named. At 78mm underfoot, it weighs an uber lightweight 63 grams. But don't be fooled or put off by this crampon's light weight. The weight of the crampon itself isn't what holds you to the slope, but rather the points and your weight on top of them. Dynafit saved weight by adding more punch outs and giving it a slimmer profile, ideal for race packs or the weight weiny tourer. These crampons, thanks to what Dynafit calls "shark technology," give plenty of support on the ice or compact snow with their shark- like teeth. Because these crampons have a slighter bite than Dynafit's regular crampons, these will excel at a lower heel riser level. These crampons equip the same way as Dynafit's other crampons, simply sliding them from the side into the compatible toe piece. Fast, efficient, light.


Weight: 63 grams

Size: Fits skis 78mm and smaller underfoot. 

Design: Shark Teeth Technology

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