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Off-Piste Ski Atlas Guidebook Collection



Remember that day when you showed up to the trailhead and ran into that local who has been skiing the zone for at least two decades? Then rather than skiing away from you, she took the time to share everything she knows about each bowl and cliff band that you were hoping to ski? And even showed you stuff you didn't know existed? Yeah, me neither!

But wait, Beacon Guidebooks has you covered! They enlisted the help of some of America's best local gurus to share those secret lines (cue the grumbling of the rest of the locals!) and put them in an easily carried and quickly digestable format.

Whether you're a local in CB or visiting Silverton and Red Mountain Pass on a hut trip for the first time, make sure you're packing one of these handy guide books. You won't be sorry!

Each book is printed on waterproof, tear-proof paper and includes both GPS coordinates for all critical locations, as well as avalanche considerations such as slope angle, terrain traps, and known start zones.

Disclaimer: no guide book will tell you when it's safe to ski these rad lines, so be smart, take an avy course, hire a guide, and pay attention to all the signs in the backcountry that will ultimately keep you alive!


Crested Butte – You think you're fit? You have what it takes to put in the big days? CB is where locals will knock out 7k vert before you even finish your first cup of coffee. Want to test your mettle? This is the spot, and this is your guidebook!

Uphill and Light Tours - Lou Dawson was skiing big lines before most of our parents even met! He's also one of the friendliest guys you'll run into in the backcountry. So much so that he's compiled this list of starter tours, in-bounds uphilling options, and routes for those days when you don't need to check any boxes.

Silverton - The mighty San Juans! No matter how long you live or ski in southwestern Colorado, you'll reach one summit only to see 5 more that you should add to your list. Guide extraordinaire Josh Kling has broken down the lines that previously were only skied by the old guard, from the lunch laps to the dream lines!

Berthoud Pass – You want to get out of the Colorado Front Range for a quick-access tour? For decades, many have chosen Berthoud Pass as it's right on Highway 40. Rob Writz has been documenting all of the available routes for more than twenty years and he's put them all in your pocket for your next weekend adventure!


Snoqualmie Pass - Matt Schonwald, founder and owner of BC Adventure Guides has put together a comprehensive list of everything you'll want to ski on the pass, from steep couloirs to meadow-hopping and everything in between.

Crystal Mountain - Schonwald is back with the largest guidebook yet. Over 70 pages dedicated to Crystal Mountain and the surrounding area, all with GPS coordinates and access details!

Mt. Baker - This Beacon edition not only covers the big lines on this prominent volcano, but also the Mt Baker sidecountry and mellow day tours. With so many options, where will you start?

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