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Favorite Sports: Mountain and ultra running, backpacking, bikepacking, ski mountaineer racing. Anything that allows me freedom of movement in the mountains, with an endurance component! I love big days in the mountains, moving through the landscape on my own accord.

My First Tour:  My first tour on rando gear was surreal. I borrowed PDG sticks and boots from Pine Needle Mountaineering, and my friend Brendan and I tag along with Scott Simmons and Miles Venzara for a tour in the La Platas Mountains near Durango, not sure of the day's agenda (Scott had a plan for us). We end up stringing together three peaks via a long ridge traverse, and bombing down a service road at twilight with the east faces lit up in a purple-pink hue, capping off an eight hour day. Needless to say, we arrived to the cars with shit-eating grins on our faces, and I didn't sleep well that night because I couldn't stop thinking about how fun it was to move light and fast in the mountains in the winter.

My Most Epic Day on Skis: Winning the GT this past season with Scott Simmons was an epic day (night, actually). The entire second half of the race I was bonking and running on fumes, as I brought "real" food that was too dense to breakdown, and wasn't getting enough calories in. The finish was epic, and most people dont know this happened, but Scott hit the deck HARD at the finish line, catching his ski tip at the chute, and falling flat on his chest, sliding across the finish line. He began gasping for air, writhing on the ground, groaning. I thought he was dying. Knocked the wind out of him pretty good, but he was alright. Pretty epic finish, to say the least.

Future Objectives: Continue embracing the outdoor-lifestyle, and travel more of the world competing in mountain ultra-trail races, and hopefully some skimo races as well, and hare my passion and enthusiasm for mountain-endurance sports with my community and elsewhere.

My Perfect Setup:  I'm pretty happy with my PDG skis/PDG boots/Hagan bindings at the moment, but I'd like to get on some La Sportiva or SkiTrab sticks soon.

If you had to choose between skimo, sex, or beer for the remainder of your living days, what would you choose? Yes

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