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Scott Backcountry Patrol AP 30 Pack

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Over the years avalanche airbag systems have become a must for almost any avid backcountry rider. Now a days people are taking more risks and pushing the boundary on terrain that should be skied. This isn't saying that it is okay to go send it in avalanche terrain just because of an airbag, but you get that added protection when dealing with any situation in the backcountry. 
Over the years the Airbag system has slowly progressed from big canisters to smaller air canisters. It then proceeded to the Black Diamond Jetforce and the adaption of a Battery powered inflation system. Now the system has changed yet again and this seems like a new system that each company will be going after in the future. 
Introducing the Alpride E1 System. The E1 has done away with canisters and lithium batteries and introduced a simple lighter weight super-capacitor system that is charged and powered by either a USB port or two AA alkaline batteries. With this adaption of adding two AA batteries you now can get a full charge for simple day use and one time inflation without lugging around those heavy duty lithium batteries. The integration of the super-capacitors allows for infinite chargers without breaking down the components over time, roughly 500,000 charges to be exact. the system is interchangeable through multiple packs that carry the system. This means you can have the option of removing the system for short hikes around and move them between bigger capacity packs when needed. The System by itself comes in at 1280g making it one of the lightest systems you can get. Another big plus side of this pack is the ability to travel with zero restriction because of tanks or lithium batteries. No more searching for a shop to fill your canister or worrying about your pack beneath the plane when flying to the alps.   
Now for the Pack that will carry this system in the 18-19 season. The all new Backcountry Patrol AP 30 from Scott is a 30 liter, with system, avy pack that comes loaded with all the bells and whistles. the AP 30 includes, Light safety waist belt with leg loop, A fleece lined inner pocket, a diagonal ski carry strap system, a separate compartment for avy gear. an ice axe/pole stow strap, and a sternum strap with whistle. The best part of the pack is the supported rear panel that makes for a secure and comfortable fit when hiking and climbing. Granted like any pack the 30 liters may be cut about 5 liter down do to the E1 System but  the interchangeable system will migrate towards bigger packs later down the line. Without the system the pack comes in at 1390g, added together you are looking at 2670g. This system is a game changer and will be the new standard for avalanche safety later down the line. However as of right now the E1 system is staying exclusively with Scott packs.  

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