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Ski Trab TR2 Ski Touring Binding

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The Ski Trab TR2 touring binding brings together design features from the alpine world as well as the alpine touring world creating an exciting and innovative (and light!) ski touring binding. The first merger comes in the form of lateral safety releasability. As you ski downhill in these bindings, your toe can actually drift up to 12 mm from side to side. This binding does allow for a complete lock down during touring or extreme descents, but because of the elasticity in the toe, it is 100% safe to ski downhill in normal mode. The second merger is the locking of the heel of the boot from side travel- akin to alpine bindings. These bindings do this with a steel fork that presses down on the heel. Together, these features make for an incredibly novel, ultra light ski touring binding that is much more responsive and has added safety features. Once you get the hang of this binding, there is a good chance you will never go back to "normal" tech bindings again.

550 g w/out brake & 623 g w/brake

88mm, 105mm & 115mm brake widths

*Only compatible with TR2 Tech fit boots. i.e. Sportiva Spectre 2.0, Sportiva Spitfire 

Lateral Toe and heel release

Release values of 5-11 or 7-13

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