Dissent Labs; Best Ski Socks Ever

Dissent Labs; Best Ski Socks Ever

After years of cold feet and blisters, I've finally found the ski sock for me.


Working in a backcountry ski shop for the past two seasons, I have had the pleasure of undergoing a complete gear overhaul. Skis, boots, bindings, skins, backpack, outerwear, you name it, I have tested the lot and invested in my favorites. However, one of the best gear discoveries I have made so far isn’t the shiniest or sexiest. In fact, oftentimes it is the most overlooked. After years of never being truly satisfied with my ski socks, I couldn’t be happier with the fit, performance, and quality of Dissent Labs Socks. Happy feet are of the utmost importance when spending a day in the mountains, and after spending a season in these compression ski socks, I will never use another brand. Dissent Socks fit great and keep my feet warm and dry across a wide spectrum of conditions. In short, Dissent socks are built for big days in the mountains.


dissent labs ski socks

You know your ski socks are comfortable when they stay on your feet long after the ski day is finished


When you first slip on a pair of Dissent socks the first thing you notice is how tight they fit all over- I was even concerned that I bought mine a size too small. However, after a few moments you realize that Dissent socks fit snug in all of the right places, and instead of inhibiting circulation, they enhance it. On the coldest of days my feet stayed remarkably warm in the GFX Compression Wool (Green) socks thanks to increased blood flow to my extremities. In addition to enhanced circulation, the compression fit holds its structure and prevents bunching even through the most intensive movements. This prevents blisters from forming and causes no pain points or distraction from the activity at hand.


Whether it is a multi-day backcountry trip or skiing resort laps bell to bell, I put my gear through the ringer. For me durability is what sets Dissent Socks apart. I have had socks that felt good during the first uses, but over time lose their compression, fray, and start to smell not so great. I have not experienced any of these issues with my Dissent socks. In fact, I wore the same pair of GFX Compression Hybrid Socks (Blue) four days in a row and was amazed at the socks ability to shed scent and moisture. After a season putting my Dissent socks through the gauntlet, I am confident in their ability to last.

Navigating through Dissents website it can be easy to feel overwhelmed at the variety of options available and what function they serve. However, after testing the lot it comes down to Synthetic vs. Wool. The wool options I’ve skied are warmer and more padded, while the synthetic options better wick sweat. For cold backcountry days and most resort days, I used a predominantly wool option (green and orange) and enjoyed warm feet. On the other hand, for most backcountry days and those warmer resort days, I used a more synthetic option (red and blue) and was consistently impressed with how dry and cool my feet kept. No matter which sock you choose, though, you will enjoy the benefits of a compression fit which not only increases circulation, but prevents blisters.


silver couloir dissent socks
Happy feet = Happy Turns 


As an avid backcountry skier, the socks I use are subject to more movement and temperature variance than resort skiing. Consequently, this is where most of my problems with socks occured. My two main issues have consistently been blisters and cold feet. Since i’ve switched to Dissent, I have used their socks across a huge variety of conditions and applications, and had minimal if any of these issues.


 (Cripple Creek Contributor Thomas Bull is an avid backcountry skier and lover of snow. When he's not crouched over looking at snow metamorphosis in a pit, you will most likely find him in our Vail shop. He can be found on Instagram @_nobullshit_)

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