Alpine Touring Bindings

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Kastle Free Tour Race Binding
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Dynafit P49 Race Binding
Dynafit ST Rotation 10 Touring Binding
$599.95 $649.95
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Ships This Fall
Ships This Fall
Plum Race 99 Skimo Race Binding
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Fischer Tour Classic RT
Ships This Fall
Dynafit Low Tech Race 105
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Hagan Core Ski Touring Binding
Plum Yak 14
$545.00 $645.00
Salomon S Lab Shift Binding (2019)
From $519.99 $649.00
Dynafit Low Tech Race 2.0
From $499.95
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Dynafit PDG Binding Auto Lock
Ships This Fall
Ships This Fall
Plum Pika Ski Touring Binding
Plum Yak Alpine Touring Binding
$499.00 $539.10
G3 ZED 12 Binding
Salomon MTN Binding
From $499.00 $625.00


Alpine touring bindings have come a long way over the last half decade, and the future is finally here, as the tech fit system is now THE choice for alpine touring enthusiasts. Tech AT bindings are defined by the precision-machined pins built into the toe piece of the binding, which insert into the tech fittings molded into the toe bill of your AT boot, allowing the boot to effortlessly pivot while touring. This system offers unparalleled touring efficiency, as only your boot is articulating, as the system has done away with the heavy and cumbersome boot/frame articulation of the outdated frame style AT bindings. 

For the descent, another precision-machined U-pin built into the heel tower of the binding inserts into the heel bracket of your AT boot, thereby retaining your boot in a solid, secure system that allows you to ski downhill alpine style. Every tech AT binding has a singular, built-in safety release value, or a range of adjustable safety release values based on your weight and/or ability. And it gets even better. TÜV-certified tech bindings (DIN ISO 13992:2007 standard for safety release) are now emerging into the market, and offer a wonderful blend of lightweight, touring functionality and a safety release that is close to that of alpine bindings. 

 Whether you're just getting into touring and desire a safe, functional and user-friendly binding, or perhaps you're a lightweight enthusiast and demand more from your binding so you can tour far and wide, we have the spectrum covered with something for everyone.